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The CIO’s Guide to Adopting Generative AI

Five Keys to Success

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The CIO’s Guide to Adopting Generative AI

by David Sweenor and Kalyan Ramanathan

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About the Book

In a world full of generative AI hoopla, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of options and marketing hype. Don’t get distracted by the vendor hype; instead, focus on building resilient, high-value platforms that will set you apart from the competition. The CIO’s Guide to Adopting Generative AI: Five Keys to Success fills a critical knowledge gap for CIOs and business leaders by succinctly offering five success factors that need to be met before an organization can successfully incorporate generative AI.

To unlock the transformative business value of generative AI, business leaders must: 1) identify enterprise use cases, 2) apply context to large language models (LLMs) using their organization’s data, 3) take special precautions to ensure data security and privacy, 4) implement an artificial intelligence (AI) governance framework, and 5) build manageable AI applications for business users. This report provides the keys to unlocking the true potential of generative AI.

Full of use cases and real-world applications, this report is designed for business leaders, tech professionals, and IT teams. We provide practical, jargon-free explanations of generative AI’s transformative power.

Gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace with The CIO’s Guide to Adopting Generative AI: Five Keys to Success. Remember, it’s not the tech that’s tiny, it’s the book!™

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