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Artificial Intelligence

An Executive Guide to Make AI Work for Your Business

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Artificial Intelligence: An Executive. Guide to Make AI Work for Your Business

by David E. Sweenor

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About the Book

In the business world, the very term artificial intelligence (AI) is shrouded in mystery. For some, it’s the brains behind a robotic apocalypse. For others, it provides hope for a better society with self-driving cars, food security, and medical breakthroughs. But what about for businesses? For most executives , the term “AI” is vague, confusing, and although intriguing, it seems unapproachable.

Artificial Intelligence: An Executive Guide to Make AI Work for Your Business is designed for non-experts—it’s for business teams, business leaders, and executives who never seem to have enough time in the day to learn about the latest technology trends. TinyTechGuides™ are meant to be read in under two hours and focus on the application of technologies in business, government, and educational settings. 

This book covers the fundamentals of AI: data, analytic, and automation technologies—from modern data management techniques to chatbots, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA), and computer vision. It discusses the business benefits of AI, the importance of AI ethics, MLOps, and provides real steps on how to start your AI journey.

With real-world examples of businesses applying AI, you’ll learn how to use AI within Accounting & Finance, Marketing & Sales, Research & Development, Supply Chain, IT, Human Resources, and Service and Support. There are practical industry examples across Banking & Finance, Energy & Utilities, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, and Transportation & Logistics. 

If you want to know how AI can be applied to improve your business, this TinyTechGuide™ is for you! Remember, It’s not the tech that’s tiny, just the book!™

In Praise of

There are many books out there explaining artificial intelligence in great
detail. Most people will not have the time or interest to read those books.
I read the TinyTechGuide Artificial Intelligence: An Executive Guide
to Make AI Work for Your Business in just under two hours. The book
is informative, useful, and practical. If you are a business manager or
executive who needs to understand the foundational elements of AI and
how it is being used, this book is for you.
John K. Thompson, 2X best-selling author,
analytics innovator, and keynote speaker/
thought leader on data and analytics

The industry is rife with confusion surrounding AI, data science, and
machine learning. Thankfully, David’s guide provides a well-written
and accessible guide for business managers to better understand their
nuances and be equipped to knowledgeably participate in related business
Howard Dresner, founder and chief research
officer, Dresner Advisory Services

TinyTechGuide’s intro to artificial intelligence is an excellent primer
to help demystify the best practices of automating with analytics. With
the essentials of terminology, overviews of popular techniques, as well as
sharing powerful frameworks for managing AI in the real world, this
guide will help chart a course for your own journey into making smarter
decisions with your data!
Nick Jewell, PhD, co-founder of datacurious.ai

The Artificial Intelligence: An Executive Guide to Make AI Work for
Your Business provides a great overview of the applications of AI across
various industries. It’s perfect for individuals that simply do not have
enough time in the day to learn about the latest technology trends. I
especially loved the examples of AI in action!
Kate Strachnyi, founder of DATAcated

It is imperative that business leaders understand how they can put AI
to work to support their company’s revenue growth. Without a clear
understanding of AI, business leaders may make poor choices. David
Sweenor provides a critical resource that is highly accessible.
Judith Hurwitz, thought leader and
consultant in causal AI

Sweenor’s book on AI is both well targeted and well timed. In order to
succeed with AI, organizations need their business people to understand
and apply the technology. And AI is increasingly becoming usable by
“citizen data scientists” with only basic quantitative skills. This is a great
source if you want to actively participate in the AI revolution that is
sweeping business.
Thomas H. Davenport, distinguished professor
at Babson College and visiting professor at
Oxford Saïd Business School, author of The
AI Advantage and Competing on Analytics

An excellent comprehensive guide to deep dive into AI infrastructure.
David made it super easy for even non-technical professionals to
understand artificial intelligence in depth. The guide explains the
relationship between data, analytics, and automation. It’s simple: If you
are not leveraging AI and machine learning for real decision-making,
you might feel disrupted by competitors in the future. Highly recommend
this guide to understand the AI revolution.
Ravit Jain, founder and host of The
Ravit Show, Data Evangelist

Executives that understand AI are the most valuable and rare resource
on the planet, and David Sweenor’s TinyTechGuide is the fastest way for
leaders to become AI literate. Even more importantly, it teaches you the
fundamentals of how to drive business outcomes with AI.
Kjell Carlsson, PhD, AI strategist and
evangelist, former Forrester analyst

A well set out bite sized deep dive into AI. From defining what AI
really is, through insights on the people, tech and processes, to ethical
considerations this TinyTechGuide packs a thought provoking punch. As
the title suggests this really is a guide to make AI work for your business.
Al Herron, head of product marketing

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