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Modern B2B Marketing

A Practioner’s Guide for Marketing Excellence

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Modern B2B Marketing Book Cover
Modern B2B Marketing

by David E. Sweenor & Kalyan Ramanathan

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About the Book

There are untold resources on marketing and its different functions—brand marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. However, throughout our combined fifty years in the field, we have failed to find a digestible book for business-to-business (B2B) marketing grounded in day-to-day realities that explains how various marketing functions fit together. This book provides practical explanations, advice, tips, and best practices on how B2B marketing actually works.

Modern B2B Marketing: A Practitioner’s Guide for Marketing Excellence is designed for anyone who leads, works, or engages with marketing. It’s for business leaders and chief marketing officers (CMOs) who want to learn how to sustain a high-performance marketing organization; for product managers and sales professionals who often work with marketing but don’t understand how it all fits together; and for marketers early in their careers who want to understand how B2B software marketing works outside of a classroom setting. This book is not about marketing technology or a rehash of the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. It is a practitioner’s guidebook for effective, modern B2B marketing.Centered around a new model for modern marketing, Modern B2B Marketing is built around the customer. It provides an integrated framework and approach to marketing, including downloadable templates that will help you improve performance in portfolio and product marketing, content marketing, demand generation, marketing operations, customer advocacy, and more.

If you want to gain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced digital world, this TinyTechGuide™ is for you! Remember, it’s not the tech that’s tiny, just the book!™

In Praise of

Mary Kern, Global B2B Technology Marketing Executive

Infused with humor and wisdom gained over decades in marketing enterprise technology, this TinyTechGuide perfectly nails how modern organizations practice B2B marketing. With easy-to-understand models, templates, and practical advice, David and Kalyan break down this well-orchestrated team of marketing specialists to reveal the magic each contributes-individually and, more importantly, collectively-toward the daunting task of successfully taking B2B solutions to market.

Thomas Been, Chief Marketing Officer

This TinyTechGuide is tiny only in format. It’s a short read, yet it boasts an incredible amount of knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, common sense. The book, frameworks, and related templates are incredibly useful for marketing leaders, marketing teams, and anyone aspiring to become a better marketer. This is truly a practitioner’s guide for marketing excellence!

Shawn Rogers, Marketing Executive, Analytics Thought Leader, and Industry Influencer

TinyTechGuides have quickly built a reputation for delivering highly focused and actionable information in a consumable format. The new Modern B2B Marketing: A Practitioner’s Guide for Marketing Excellence keeps with that tradition. The B2B marketing landscape is evolving quickly and the guide intersects with those changes, providing marketing professionals with a timely and valuable resource.

Anand Akela, Marketing Executive, CMO, Top-100 Product Marketing Influencer

This TinyTechGuide is a must-read for B2B leaders seeking practical and effective advice on how to build/execute a world-class marketing function. It goes beyond theory and instead provides a wealth of real-world case studies and examples. By emphasizing the importance of a strong marketing team, streamlined processes, and measurable KPIs, this book equips readers with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive world of B2B marketing.

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