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Generative AI Business Applications

An Executive Guide with Real-Live Examples and Case Studies

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Generative AI Business Applications

by David E. Sweenor & Yves Mulkers

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About the Book

Within the past year, generative AI has broken barriers and transformed how we think about what computers are truly capable of. But, with the marketing hype and generative AI washing of content, it’s increasingly difficult for business leaders and practitioners to go beyond the art of the possible and answer that critical question–how is generative AI actually being used in organizations?

With over 70 real-world case studies and applications across 12 different industries and 11 departments, Generative AI Business Applications: An Executive Guide with Real-Life Examples and Case Studies fills a critical knowledge gap for business leaders and practitioners by providing examples of generative AI in action. Diving into the case studies, this TinyTechGuide discusses AI risks, implementation considerations, generative AI operations, AI ethics, and trustworthy AI.

The world is transforming before our very eyes. Don’t get left behind—while understanding the powers and perils of generative AI. Full of use cases and real-world applications, this book is designed for business leaders, tech professionals, and IT teams. We provide practical, jargon-free explanations of generative AI’s transformative power.Gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace with Generative AI Business Applications: An Executive Guide with Real-Life Examples and Case Studies. Remember, it’s not the tech that’s tiny, just the book!™

In Praise of

Sanjeev Mohan, Founder and Principal Analyst, SanjMo

Writing a book on AI is like bottling a tsunami. Yet, Yves Mulkers and David Sweenor have managed to compile a tremendous amount of knowledge in this book. I am impressed by the breadth of business use cases as well as their insights into implementation details and governance aspects. This book is bound to spark creative juices and help organizations embark on their AI journey. 

Eric Kavanagh, AI Analyst and Syndicated Radio Host

A Dynamic Duo! Yves Mulkers and David Sweenor have combined forces to create a succinct, compelling explanation of how generative AI can be applied in the real world. From LLMs to CLMs, from guidance to governance, they tackle every relevant aspect of turning AI dreams into business successes. This is a must-read for serious AI executives.

Hyoun Park, Chief Analyst, Amalgam Insights

Every executive needs to read this guide and understand how generative AI is already affecting their business environment! What I love most about this TinyTechGuide is that it provides both industry and departmental examples (over 70). This quick read distills lessons from all of these examples, adds the most salient industry and technology trends, and provides discrete and actionable steps that executives can take this year, this quarter, and this month to make their generative AI efforts more meaningful and business-oriented.

Arup Das, Professor, Applied AI ML, Villanova University

Generative AI has become a pivotal topic in the business world, capturing the attention of CEOs and industry leaders eager to leverage its potential for enhancing productivity, efficiency, and innovation. Yet, the challenge lies in pinpointing the most effective business use cases where Generative AI can drive value creation. This book excels in thoroughly exploring, articulating, and cataloging various business applications across various industries and functional areas. It offers clear, concise examples of diverse business scenarios, making it an indispensable resource for practitioners embarking on their journey with Generative AI.

Tim King, Executive Editor, Solutions Review

Generative AI Business Applications: An Executive Guide to Real-Life Examples and Case Studies is a must-read for leaders looking to realize the full potential of AI in their organizations. Featuring more than just practical advice and best practices, this TinyTechGuide includes sections on implementation and tips for piloting GenAI, a guide to ensuring success in your specific industry or department, and even a deep-dive on key considerations like governance, risk, and compliance. All combined, this is perhaps the most actionable resource that exists on the topic today.

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