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Mastering the Modern Data Stack

An Executive Guide to Unified Business Analytics

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Mastering the Modern Data Stack

by Nick Newell, Ph.D.

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About the Book

In the age of digital transformation, becoming overwhelmed by the sheer volume of potential data management, analytics, and AI solutions is common. Then it’s all too easy to become distracted by glossy vendor marketing, and then chase the latest shiny tool, rather than focusing on building resilient, valuable platforms that will outperform the competition.

This book aims to fix a glaring gap for data professionals: a comprehensive guide to the full Modern Data Stack that’s rooted in real-world capabilities, not vendor hype. It is full of hard-earned advice on how to get maximum value from your investments through tangible insights, actionable strategies, and proven best practices. It comprehensively explains how the Modern Data Stack is truly utilized by today’s data-driven companies.

Mastering the Modern Data Stack: An Executive Guide to Unified Business Analytics is crafted for a diverse audience. It’s for business and technology leaders who understand the importance and potential value of data, analytics, and AI—but don’t quite see how it all fits together in the big picture. It’s for enterprise architects and technology professionals looking for a primer on the data analytics domain, including definitions of essential components and their usage patterns. It’s also for individuals early in their data analytics careers who wish to have a practical and jargon-free understanding of how all the gears and pulleys move behind the scenes in a Modern Data Stack to turn data into actual business value.

Whether you’re starting your data journey with modest resources, or implementing digital transformation in the cloud, you’ll find that this isn’t just another textbook on data tools or a mere overview of outdated systems. It’s a powerful guide to efficient, modern data management and analytics, with a firm focus on emerging technologies such as data science, machine learning, and AI.

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In Praise of

David Matyáš, Principal Analytics Consultant
Nick Jewell did an awesome job in consolidating the knowledge built over the last decade of modern data architectures into a guide that you inhale in an hour, saving tons of time. Incredible!

Scott Brown, Distinguished Engineer, Financial Services
Comprehensive, concise, and actionable—a highly readable resource for anyone trying to wrangle the modern data challenge in their business! Nick’s TinyTechGuide helps you find a clear path through the complex and challenging world of the modern data landscape.

Shaan Mistry, Data Innovator
If you’re truly curious about modern data architecture, this is a must-read! Finally, a book that demystifies the Modern Data Stack without getting caught up in vendor or VC hype!

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